When you mention Astoria, you are talking about the product par excellence of Venetian winemaking tradition: Prosecco.

This is the most widespread wine in Italy and the Proseccos produced by Astoria Wines have won multiple awards, year after year.

The Astoria brand is the result of decades of work done by the Polegato family, heirs of great winemaking tradition, who produce their wines in Refrontolo, in the heart of the DOCG CONEGLIANO – VALDOBBIADENE region.


The acquisition by Strato Mille of exclusive distribution rights in Spain plays a fundamental role in the group’s strategy, since in addition to supplementing the culinary experience offered by Strato Mille group restaurants, it gives us a high quality and renowned product to take beyond the boundaries of our establishments, bringing Italian history and flavours into any home in Spain through online sales.